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How to look good after forty years?

Lomen of the fourth decade should not neglect your good dress.  Some recommendations.

You have to be willing to make changes to your style and your ideas.

Do not say that because you can not use old . Reconsiders can be installed with the package look good .  Try it

  • 1.Being original is simple in issues of fashion, is not looking like anyone else and this can be achieved with Accessories unusual or out of the ordinary, but that combined with your clothes .

2. Buy a few pieces (Portfolio , shirt, etc . ) that cost little, but that suit your personality, but must be clear that will not last very long to live.

3. You should not wear clothing or too tight or too short , and you lose sophistication

    4. You flick through a magazine Fashion and into the stores (even little girls ) to be informed on new trends that might look good on you

      5. The casual pieces as a jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt can  rejuvenate up to 10 years off
        6. Avoid broad camisoles matched with skirts or pants , suits and coats cut square , straight and spacious and loaded with color prints .  A recommendation :  Avoid using pads
          7. With reference to cleavage, it is not advisable to use it unless a woman with body Athletic and firm bust .  However, is always good to remember that dress code should not be used ( at any age ) in professional events , work or conferences , graduations , meetings acts in the school of your children.

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