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Always splendid five-step

Today we offer this mini-guide in five steps to help avoid mistakes when it comes to makeup.

1. It is very important to choose the right make your facial skin tone. Do not be tempted with a makeup darker or lighter or test the product on your hand, because the skin tone may be different.

2. Use very little product and difuminelo well so there are no defined boundaries, especially in the neck area.

3. If outlines the lips using the same color of lipstick because the very marked outlined is not used anymore.

4. Right axis in the makeup of the mouth if you want that attention is not focused on your eyes if you have some wrinkles, as it should do the opposite and

highlight the eyes if you have, for example, imperfections in the teeth.

5. Use concealer on minimum wait a few minutes and then look in the mirror to avoid the risk of spending with the amount.

Follow these tips and your same makeup as you all an expert.

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2 Responses to "Always splendid five-step"

  1. Jenny says:

    These are excellent beauty tips to keep in mine. Great article

  2. kymaro says:

    Thanks for this great post about ways to avoid makeup mistakes. I think most women would agree how important to use the right amount of concealer.

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