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Beauty recipes with paprika

Paprika is a vegetable native to the New World. The ancient Indians used a large variety of peppers, such as chili or chili to spice up your meals

Then in the sixteenth century the Spanish conquistadors brought it to Europe, where he went to Asia.

Initially, in Europe and Asia is cultivated as an ornamental and it took some time to be harvested as a vegetable.

Nutrition of pepper

The pepper is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A (especially red), carotene, folic acid, some fiber and potassium.

Family of peppers laamplia two stand out: the sweet variety with which is cayenne pepper and chilies or peppers, spicy flavor stimulating. In both cases the predominant active ingredient is capsaicin, substance used for centuries as a remedy for the disorders circulatory and metabolic activator.

Healing properties of paprika

Paprika has great healing properties, acacia, as mentioned, helps circulatory system, strengthens the heart and membranasmucosas, improves vision, active cellular metabolism and protein strengthens connective tissue and improves concentration.

Because Aque stimulates the body’s metabolism, peppers, especially Cayenne Facilitate “Burn” more fat through chemical combustion rather than this is stored in muscle tissue, which is why it is considered a ally in Fig.

Beauty recipes with paprika

Thanks to its rich silicon keeps hair fiercely beautiful. In addition to helping achieve a firm tissue conjunctive.

Capsaicin improves the flow of blood and therefore can relieve symptoms like cold hands and feet, poor circulation, disease vein (as varices and hemorrhoids), among others.

It is used either internally (in juices, salads, condiments and other preparations) and externally, for example, bathrooms.

Porúltimo should be noted that consumption of this vegetable as well as protect mucus, improves visual acuity.

Paprika juice for skin

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 cucumber (Cucumber)

1 cup water

Mode                                                                 Application
Wash vegetables well and remove the shell if they are not from organic farming. If you need to remove the skin peppers, roast should be slightly in the oven to soften and easy to peel.

Place the water and all vegetables in blender and process until a smooth consistency juice. Should consume no strain   Look to the drink four times a week.

Note If you have hipeglucemia, diabetes or a condition that is controlled with medication, should consult their doctor before drink the juice. Do not take if you have gastritis. Nor should these condiments women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Foot bath to improve circulation

If you can not warm up your feet, nothing like this recipe activating blood circulation decreased by low temperatures.


2 tablespoons paprika

1 teaspoon chili powder

2 liters hot water

Mode                                                                 Application
Heat water to boiling and mix paprika and chili powder, stirring. Allow to simmer this preparation through 8 to 10 minutes. Ready to put a container there comfortably pies.Verter pepper water and make the feet.

Allow the ingredients to act for ten minutes. Rinse with warm water and dry. This treatment can be done every day while recovering the normal movement of the feet.

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