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Hands and nails healthy young

Conducted during the day a lot of activities that harm our hands. Contact us exposed to the cleaning products, soap and inclement weather. Our hands are the first impression, our letter. For people who do not have enough time to improve the appearance of the hands and nails, Here are some easy tips to apply: For white nails: place in a container and submerge hydrogen peroxide for 5 minutes hands. Doing this twice a month. Scaly nail: First, avoid cutting their nails with scissors. It is preferable to use cardboard files. To reverse brittle nails, we recommend placing your hands in olive oil. It is very important to consume dairy products to strengthen nails. To improve the resistance of the nails: mix a capsule of vitamin E and 50 ml … Read entire article »

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Treatments to make your hair look radiant

The sun, the beach, lack of time, straighteners, food and cosmetics we use make the hair drying, the tips are open, which has no shine or suffering from excess fat. To start your hair care for little, we recommend some tips for easy wall: Oily hair You should not wash your hair every day. Choose a shampoo unscented and pH balanced. Evita Apply conditioner to the roots, simply place it in the middle and end. Eat healthy. Eat vegetables and avoid foods with excessive fat. Dullness Masks practices: After washing your hair, in the final rinse water used chamomile or vinegar mixed with water. Your hair will look shiny. Beat an egg and mix with 2 tablespoons of honey and a little olive oil. Then, apply this preparation on damp hair and leave for half an hour. … Read entire article »

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How to improve posture

Imagine a person walking in a bent or awkward, instead of walking with a haughty attitude and right. It’s clearly important to our health care for the spine, but during the day, whether at work, while eating or walking, we forget to maintain a posture. Have a straight spine is synonymous with youth and beauty. Facilitates good posture and prevents proper breathing backaches, neck and shoulders. In this sense, poor posture will wear off the disks, and that loosens and tightens the muscles unevenly. Here, we provide some practical exercises and easy to improve your posture: Total length of the column: Standing with knees slightly bent, hands crossed in front while inhaling, stretch your hands up raising the shoulders. Then exhale while holding … Read entire article »

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How to remove cellulite?

Attacking cellulite is not so difficult, the key is to be consistent and follow three behavioral patterns: 1, performed physical exercise , but to consult specialists or the neighbor / friend to turn tricks you infallible, not avail you if you get buried in the sofa at home, hence Exercise. 2 nd watch your food : no need for a strict diet, just eat healthy and free of excess: it reduces the consumption of sweets and pastries, avoid salt, drink lots of water and take fruit to remove toxins (the best: grape, plum, apple, pineapple, grapefruit, cherry and strawberry ) 3 ┬░ using a specific product , for the area in question there are many products, when purchasing one of them always do with the advice of experts. The … Read entire article »

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Laser Hair Removal – Prices

Techniques and methods of hair removal Getting a good and effective hair removal is one of the most important concerns for women, increasingly interested in enhance their beauty and personal hygiene. However, the hair varies considerably depending on cultures. For example, some type of hair is called the area, as in the case of English in Brazil. In some geographical areas is not given importance to have some hair, as is the case of fuzz mustache in France, where not pluck their armpits. Even in other areas such as Japan have appreciated more pubic hair than the average. Consequently throughout history have developed multiple various methods of hair removal Although the choice of one or the other depends mainly on the needs of individual women and of important factors as the characteristics … Read entire article »

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What is aromatherapy?

Since ancient times nature has provided resources for the human being can regain or maintain their health, and it was in those times when there was no other resources such as technology, medicine and medical expertise that the man had to use leaves, roots, fruits and seeds of plants, testing and experimenting but did not know how they worked, transmitting this knowledge from generation to generation. Today we have access to different sources of information and we also have studies that indicate how plants can help improve our health. Aromatherapy is the use of plant essential oils with their natural chemical that helps not only in the physical but also mental. Aromatherapy, which many consider alternative therapy, it becomes an additional means to assist the individual … Read entire article »

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Noni fruit: natural beauty

This variety, from Polynesia, has many health benefits, 105 which were tested by 105 natives 2000 years ago. Among other attributes, prevents and treats infections, improves skin appearance and has a natural analgesic. EI noni fruit is the size of a potato, potato medium, with polygonal shape. Its texture is crumbly, with a waxy, translucent shell, with a color that can vary from green to black. When ripe, has an aroma and a very particular taste, which can be defined as “stale.” Is contained within the various pits that, in turn, have seeds. As your taste is very strong and stale, like the aroma given off, sold as juice or in capsules. Both presentations, which can be bought in pharmacies … Read entire article »

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Medicinal Honey

Honey is an excellent food, but also a natural remedy for multiple purposes. It is easily digested, is often used in diseases of the stomach. As consumption regulates the increase in the rate of hemoglobin in the blood, anemia, pregnancy or nursing is highly recommended. Honey also has the property of being sedated. No contraindications can ingest both babies, and children and the elderly. Great tonic for athletes and people who feel tired, a few teaspoons a day return forces and good humor. When honey is so beneficial to our bodies, want to leave you some tips to use for everyday situations or certain medical conditions: -Alcoholism: Enables the elimination of alcohol in the blood. -Heart: Increase the flow of the coronary vessels, saves energy … Read entire article »

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Natural remedies: the lemon and vinegar

Lemon Goodness The Lemon is a miracle product whose health benefits are very important because its use has been found to kill cancer cells. Is 10.000 times stronger than chemotherapy. So, from now on, you can help a friend in need, letting you know that you should drink lemon juice to prevent the disease. Its flavor is pleasant. And of course, produces the horrible effects of chemotherapy. And it does have the ability to do so, plant a lemon tree in your yard or garden. All parts are useful. The next time you want to drink a juice, natural lemon ask for it without preservatives. The fruit is a citrus fruit that comes in different forms flesh can eat it directly or it is normally used to make drinks, sherbet, sweets … Read entire article »

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Salvia, calm pains and purifies the environment

This plant is one of the most challenging and has healing properties. Precisely, its name derives from the Latin “save”, which means cure. Easy to grow, is an excellent ally to combat menstrual problems, infections and poor digestion. Also, recommended for use aromatherapy to end the odor. - FIGHT THE SWEAT When there is feverish, it is advisable ┬átake a fully charged infusion of sage leaves. Not only neutralizes perspiration but, having antibiotic properties, combat fever. If the feet have an excessive moisture, making bathrooms with an infusion of leaves and sprinkle the inside of the shoes with the powdered leaves or crushed. - DIGESTIVE If heartburn, gastritis, or excessive gas, make a decoction of 20 grams of sage leaves in a pint … Read entire article »

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