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Lipstick – the right color for your type

Lipstick is inseparably connected with a perfect appearance. Almost every woman does this every day. However, there are hardly any other utensil, so what can go wrong, if the color does not select the correct type. It should continue to match the rest of the lipstick make-up.

There are four skin types. To make-optimal when women know their own skin type. Women who have fair skin coupled with light hair, should resort to subtle colors. Rosewood, nude or peach are the sounds that are perfectly in tune with this type. Plotting more striking make up, but it may go well with fair skin types gaudy. Here may be used once to calm red lipstick.

Quite different is the case in so-called Snow White type. This guy also has light skin, the hair color is dark brown to black, however. These women may have in everyday make-up access to bright colors.

Warm colors such as olive, brown and orange tones are very well suited for women with fair skin and red hair. The above sounds flatter the face, especially when a matching lipstick to rouge elected.

The last type is the dark skin type, which both have dark skin or dark hairs. For them, all shades of brown are recommended. These have soft and radiates the complexion. On Lipstick in Pink, women should renounce the darker type necessarily.

Having now recommendations for the colors of the lipstick were given according to skin type, is at another point that in choosing the right color plays an essential role: the shape of the lips. Also this contributes to the interaction with the lipstick.

Luckily, the lip shape can be optimized with a few tools. Thin lips can be traced with a lip liner the same color as the lipstick. Afterwards, the lipstick is applied and then another layer of gloss.

Full lips, however, are for affected women often have too much of a good thing. This also comes back to the liner used. With the latter only in a lighter shade than the lipstick, the outer edges of the lips tightened and then applied the lipstick.

Lipstick stays the way, very good when it is applied with a brush. Thus more correct work is possible.

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