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How to remove hair and make up your eyebrows

The eyebrows are the focal point of the face. It is they who will give him the structure and determine your final look. It is therefore essential to remove hair well and draw.

If your eyebrows are plucked wrong, your facial expression may be different from what you really want. For example, round arched eyebrows can give an expression of constant surprise, while descendants of the eyebrows, a sad, etc.. In addition, the eyebrow is very clear eye and eyelid. I happened to receive a request for smokey eye and can not run because the client refused the hair and I just did not have space to create a gradient that is!

If you are uncertain at the idea of ​​waxing yourself, know that all beauty therapists receive training in their course of aesthetics and are able to determine the right shape for your face. Feel free to make an appointment, you will be surprised how a simple little change in this way can completely transform your look.

If you want to give it a go yourself, here’s a quick guide universal 4 steps to help you identify the measures and the ideal shape of your eyebrow. Choose one good clip quality hard the first time, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary pain.

Step 1) Start by drawing reference points using an eyebrow pencil or eye. Mark with a slight stroke the points A, B, C and D. To take action, use a ruler or any object very fine and straight as a brush or pencil.

-The point A should be located in a straight line with the wing of your nose.

Point A will be the beginning of your internal eyebrow.


-The B should be aligned with the wing of your nose and the outer corner of your eye.

Point B is the end of your eyebrow


-The point C should be situated vis-à-vis the outer edge of your iris.

Point C will be the beginning point of your eyebrow height.


-The point D should be straight with the outer corner of your eye.

Point D will be the end point of your eyebrow height (the beginning of the downward slope).


Step 2) Start cleaning your eyebrow hairs plucked in the lowest and walk slowly to the desired thickness by following your landmarks. An average thickness is recommended. Fashions change and eyebrows turn become thicker or thinner. So do epilators too (it will be easier later to remove than to add), but enough to not look like a pub 80 years … Epilate minimally above the eyebrows to do not disturb their line natural, Simply you clear your eyelid.


Step 3) After hair removal is complete, go a mild tonic and moisturize the area with a soothing eye contour cream.


Step 4) Wait until the redness disappeared and the skin are calmer, and then do the eyebrow makeup. Several interesting products are on the market for your convenience. There are well on pencils Eyebrow classics. To use them, they must be very sharp (mine ultra-sharp). Do not make a long line along the eyebrow, but rather through several small strokes in order to create the illusion of small hairs. The result will be more natural.

If the pencil seems complicated, try powders for eyebrows. It is actually powder makeup matte tones aligned with the most common color of eyebrows. Some are also available as a duo with a wax-fixing to help hold the hair in place. Do not experiment with any eyeshadow, because they may contain the pearl or under shade of red or orange which can clash with the color natural your eyebrows or give a make-up effect too. Suggestions: Smashbox Brow TechAround $ 30 AC / 23 Euros, Clinique Eyeliner Eyebrow (around $ 20 AC / 20 Euros) Benefit Brow Zings brow kit (around $ 64 AC / 29 Euros) Stila Brow Set (around $ 25 AC / 14 Euros). To the application, use a brush natural bristle wedge stiff enough, then apply the powder in small strokes from inside to outside.

Other types of makeup products for the eyebrows are available on the market as mascaras (Tinted or clear) to eyebrows, waxes TintedThe stained gels, etc.. You decide which you prefer.


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