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How to avoid bloating

Wear a flat stomach is not an unattainable goal. It is common for many women, despite having reached the ideal weight and doing exercises to tone and shape your figure, has a common problem in the area of the abdomen swelling. Those responsible for this problem are largely the millions of bacteria that inhabit the intestinal flora. Your job is to convert food into nutrients, but when these do not work well cause putrefaction, and thus an uncomfortable swelling accompanied by gas and constipation. To “deflate” the area, restore the comfort and look smooth abdomen, the following changes in your daily habits: Bet the prebiotics and probiotics . Probiotics enrich the intestinal flora and increase the defenses, so naturally found in yogurt and fermented milks. Prebiotics enhance the action of probiotics (wheat, artichokes, garlic, … Read entire article »

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Tips for a natural and refreshing makeup

Take years off is something that women look for when we reach a certain age, for this we turn to the creams and beauty treatments, however, often do not think that makeup can make us see more. To avoid this we go for the natural, A trend that is back in fashion. All agree that makeup makeup that creates the effect of “second skin” helps cover imperfections in a subtle way, gives a healthy look plus years we have left. Know what are the tips of thumb when it comes to achieving a rejuvenating and natural makeup. First you must meet three basic rules: Use correctors and illuminating. The first will help to remove blemishes and the second will bring light to your face. Use neutral tones. For this, the base should be virtually … Read entire article »

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Managing stress in the office

The long hours in the office daily, competition, pressure to perform better at work, are some of the causes of work stress. Control these pressure situations have positive effects on our daily lives, because many times we moved the concerns and anger about the problems in our workplace to our house and therefore our families are also affected. To handle the stress in the office is possible by changing some habits and carrying out the following guidelines: People who spend hours working in front of the computer are more likely to have back pain, eyestrain, anxiety and insomnia. Every fifteen minutes take a break and change position. Every forty-five minutes walk to maintain circulation and clear the mind and if possible take fresh air. To avoid fatigue, Seeks, among the four past three … Read entire article »

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How to apply foundation for flawless skin look

Apply a base is essential if we skin look perfect makeup. To achieve the desired finish it is important to invest in a premium product. The thick makeup bases, and are difficult to apply obsolete, are now as light as a moisturizer, Which facilitates their application to achieving whatever your type of skin looks perfect, like those worn by the celebrities on the red carpet. Follow the steps below to you that the result of Apply your foundation is very natural: Choose the right tone. It is important to purchase based on the day and do a test on the chin. The color is perfectly correct when it melts into your skin without blurring. Cleanse and hydrate your face. The skin should be adequately prepared to makeup. After cleaning, tone and moisturize must … Read entire article »

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How to fight depression during menstrual period

Most women report feeling more anxiety, irritability and mood swings at certain times of the menstrual cycle. This is due to a hormonal imbalance, when estrogen is dominant when you feel anxious, however when the hormone progesterone is dominant there is a greater tendency toward depression. It is very important to know that estrogens are closely related to serotonin, a neurotransmitter related to mental disorders such as depression. If we add other individual and social factors of women, we have the reason there is higher rate of depression in women . In each reproductive cycle, in which there is a decrease in estrogen production, increases the risk of depressive disorders. These mood swings also occur at other times of hormonal revolution : after childbirth and menopause . When this happens we must include … Read entire article »

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Tips to match facial skin

In these holidays many of us took the opportunity to break our routine visiting places you normally can not go, or at least not during working days. The beach is a favorite destination and as such, we make the most though after our skin experience the dire consequences . In my case, I enjoyed a couple of days of camping fun savoring the pleasures of sun, sand and sea. But having to shield my eyes with dark glasses, inevitably the more tanned is unhedged, so much that now my face resembles that of a raccoon (or at least so they say). So the big question is: How do I return a key partner to my face ? Of course that uniform hue to return to my face so to speak, since my … Read entire article »

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Feet healthy and hydrated?

The feet are the foundation of our bodily health , if they look well cared for feet are guaranteed attractive. But did you know that over 50% of women suffer from different ailments segment in the lower extremities? These increases after age 35, and are often caused by inappropriate footwear throughout our lives. For our feet will not suffer more than necessary, follow these simple recommendations: Choose good shoes . These should be preferably leather, so that the foot perspire well, should also be about an inch longer (too tight or loose can cause chafing and blisters) and with a heel no higher than 5 cm. Avoid very hot baths and long, because they dry the skin more. If your feet are swollen , alternating cold and warm water. HidrĂ¡talos thoroughly. It’s the best … Read entire article »

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Steam for a clean and smooth face

A simple way to have a smooth face is keeping it clean and smooth. However, when you have an oily skin like mine is very difficult because every moment, the dust and heat cause a terrible glow on my face. Fortunately, a good friend told me that there is a home method very simple and easy that we can do once a week to get smooth skin free of impurities: the steam bath . This technique does is enhance the effects of cleaning are creams, wrinkle or nutritious to open the pores and facilitate the removal of pimples and blackheads, loosen impurities and soften skin. Having clean pores, the skin breathes better and therefore do not need to produce more oil to keep skin moisturized, because the brightness is reduced and the facial … Read entire article »

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Do you know how to relax your face?

When we are exposed to stress and fatigue the body pays the consequences. In addition to the common physical ailments result of this, the skin also becomes an unsightly, as if suddenly became more opaque and was in the process of accelerated aging. In addition to get enough sleep to recover energy (between 7 and 8, about, or how many are needed), we all know that to reverse this situation-or at least not allow to become more difficult to control, it is necessary to carry out a set of actions that give relaxation to our body. While body massages are a great alternative, what about your face? Is there a way to relax? To be honest, there are several alternatives that our face expresses that fatigue is not as damaging. So I … Read entire article »

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Tips to flaunt your legs in summer

Comes the summer and it is time to leave behind the pants and socks that protected us from the cold, now is the turn of skirts, shorts and sandals. We know that we are not all long legs and sleek as the models, but we can do a little effort and show them off best. Takes note of the tricks of Beauty Web shares with you so that your legs look (almost) perfect : Moisturize your legs twice a day : in the morning with the skin still wet, and at night before bed. Looking for light textured cream that provide a durable and moisture to be absorbed instantly, enough to dress quickly. Once a week do an exfoliating deep , with a product containing clay. If you are looking for a fast and effective … Read entire article »

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