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Do you know how to relax your face?

When we are exposed to stress and fatigue the body pays the consequences. In addition to the common physical ailments result of this, the skin also becomes an unsightly, as if suddenly became more opaque and was in the process of accelerated aging.

In addition to get enough sleep to recover energy (between 7 and 8, about, or how many are needed), we all know that to reverse this situation-or at least not allow to become more difficult to control, it is necessary to carry out a set of actions that give relaxation to our body.

While body massages are a great alternative, what about your face? Is there a way to relax? To be honest, there are several alternatives that our face expresses that fatigue is not as damaging. So I was doing some consulting with experts and reviewing some tips on the web, however simple it is to take place, fulfilling its role relaxing. Please note:

  • You must start the relaxation of facial muscles with small taps with our hands all over his face, to activate blood circulation.
  • Then we continue giving small tweaks all over your face and continue with a circular movement of relaxation running from the chin to the front, including the temples and base of the neck .
  • Since the front is one of the most wrinkle product of the voltage, you have to place the tips of two fingers and move at right angles from the center out of it. The pressure must be moderate to avoid the pain, which would be counterproductive.
  • In pursuit to avoid the famous ” crow’s feet “, draw with the middle finger small circles up and down since the end of the eyes to get to the root of the hair.
  • When the eyes are swollen product of a bad night or crying, it is very desirable to apply on the face of a cotton dipped in liquid chamomile cream and let stand 5 to 10 minutes. Of course, take the extra water will help warm Domir relajaditas and help our skin look dull in the morning.
  • Do not forget to use moisturizers with a suitable texture for your skin type (previously consulting a stylist) to keep it soft and always use cold water to wash our face.

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