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Removes calluses with natural recipes

Do you mind walking the streets, but you love to show off your feet? Do not worry, in the following article will teach you to remove them naturally.

Many women, Daily, we have the odious tripe, because walking hurt us, mortifying our movement and our aesthetics. These may appear next to the checkNext to the big toe and a bunion.

The Calluses are a hard skin layer is formed by excessive friction or pressure of a hand, according to footwear we use, and other physical factors such as our weight, poor posture or deformed bones.

The most common are called spikes. These, in general, are characterized by a core package of hard keratin develop at the plant feet, under the toes, and experience is the most painful callus when walking.

What should I do at home?

First, you should never try to remove calluses by yourself, you cut them, especially if you’re diabetic, you could hurt yourself and gain infectionIf you have diabetes.

If you do not have time to go to chiropodist or are too shy to show off your calluses to a stranger, it is best to take note of these methods sound natural and easy to do and practice them in home to eliminate the hassle and feet look pretty.

Natural recipes to remove corns

The nature We still offers superb ingredients to cure our diseases, and beautify. If properly these recipes do not doubt that we can get to renovate our feet.

  • Recipes garlic:

Sheets of garlic: Cut a garlic clove in half, and very finely cut piece on film and apply them on the calluses. When done, wrap your foot with a bandage. Repeat the same test before going to sleep until you delete.

- Garlic Pasta: In a mortar or bowl add 4 to 5 cloves garlic, machácalos, and add a few drops of olive oil until we have a paste. Apply it and wrap your foot with a bandage. Soon the corn will remove when tender.

  • Recipe Chamomile:

In a large bowl, add a handful of chamomile and a liter of water boiled, let it cool a bit and we put our feet to the preparation for about 15 minutes. We dried

  • Aspirin and Lemon Recipe:

Crush 5 aspirin to powder finely, mix with several drops of juice lemon and equal parts water until a thick paste. Apply it in corns, cover with a piece of plastic and over a small towel or heating pad for 20 minutes.

Let the heat penetrate and soften. Retire to prepare a hot bath, then use the pumice to give the final touch.

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