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Facial care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of every woman’s life that fills with joy family life but it brings great physical changes that alter in various ways the female body, so that during these months, you should try some tips and beauty tips that help you stay in top condition for this process not only of life but also after.

Taking care of facial skin during pregnancy is something that many women do not realize unfortunately. Generally during this period of time usually are some spots, blemishes or redness on the face due to hormonal changes as strong and complex that the body must go, so it is more than necessary to follow some beauty routine to prevent or relieve some form this type of condition.

But do not worry, just follow these beauty tips.

Facial care during pregnancy

  • Good hydration : This step is very important because if you take a good amount of water throughout the day, your body will be able to remove toxins harmful to the skin.You can also hydrate your skin with moisturizers external use, but this should do it under the guidance of a professional as there are some components that can be harmful to your baby.
  • Sun protection : special sensitivity in the skin during pregnancy makes it mandatory rather than daily use product with sun protection factor both in face and neck. Prevents you from the sun directly and do not leave home without ever having applied sunscreen.
  • As for makeup cosmetics just have to avoid those that contain alcohol or are perfumed and often trigger allergies. Good thing there makeup with sunscreen , so you’ll be beautiful and protected at the same time.

Remember that taking vitamins E, C and B5 are excellent for the skin, enjoy this great moment but being responsible to yourself and making sure your beauty continue as bright as ever.

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