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Diet of the thirteenth day

Surely you are of women who want to lose those extra pounds left over and that make you angry to see some rolls that keep you from wearing tight clothing. Maybe you have tried many diets that do not have worked, but I’ll give you one that is effective and maybe you can help. The diet Also do 13 days is known as NASA’s diet as it appeared at that time the rage for spaceflight. It is a diet low in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. But you must remember not to do this diet for more than the allotted time and you follow it exactly. Diet Day 1: Breakfast: coffee without sugar Lunch: 3 Hard boiled eggs with vegetables and tomato Dinner: 1 medium chicken fillet or beef grilled Day 2: Breakfast: coffee or tea without sugar Lunch: a medium steak grilled over salad greens Dinner: 7 thin … Read entire article »

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