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Choosing a belt

You are someone who has a belt for all tailors and one for all casual wear. Believe it or not, the belt should not be something you take lightly. To choose the right belt, takes note of these tips: Indeed, there are two types of belt, formal and casual, if you want to know which is which, do the following: if you measure the width of your thumb is formal, if it’s width will be informal. In addition, a belt buckle is formally small. The formal belts have glossy finishes, the colors are more opaque informal. The most common colors are: black, brown and Moor. The leather belts are most appropriate if you want to look formal. There are in all price ranges, depending on what animal they came from. Never buy a belt of the same size pants, … Read entire article »

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Bass shoes for men

The Knights also deserve to feel comfortable when walking. BASS has for you a variety of shoes for every occasion. Soft black leather shoes with pins, block of 2 cm. Ideal to wear a suit. If you prefer a more casual fashion, you can choose footwear moccasin. Model classic brown nubuck with flexible rubber soles. Also you can find without pins. They are ideal for use with jeans. To feel comfortable in the summer, nothing beats a pair of sandals. Model made in copper-colored suede leather, you slide your feet in comfort. For the cold winter a pair of boots will be your best ally. These boots may accompany you on any occasion. Soft leather antique brown with rounded tip for greater ease in your toes. Hope you like the Bass footwear for men. Buy them as soon as possible, not regret. … Read entire article »

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