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Tips to prevent and eliminate dark circles

How many mornings when we wake up we looked in the mirror and seen disappointed about unsightly dark circles that disfigure our faces. Apply yourself probably want to solve a concealer, but that’s not enough. In addition to mask the dark circles can be prevented (in most cases). To help improve the look of your face, smoothing and eliminating dark circles, we have selected this list of tips: First, analyze what are the factors that determine the appearance of dark circles for you.They can be: Genetic, sleep a few hours or interruptions, stress, poor diet, or alcohol abuse or cigarette and fluid retention. To prevent and eliminate naturally only have to change some habits, no big deal are just tips that also help you live better. Try to sleep at least eight hours a day. Eat nutritious foods, eat a balanced manner. Do not … Read entire article »

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Tips to remove dark circles

People are not always consistent with our physical appearance. We must admit that there is, however, a part of our body that we are not finished and we would like a lot to change or improve a bit, at least. Such is the case the circles. These are small pockets of a darker shade of skin found under the eyes. Dark circles may appear for cases of genetic or so provoked. Whatever the reason for their appearance, thousands of people who want to get rid of them. Why are dark circles? Well, what happens is that skin beneath the eyes is the most sensitive we have. The veins that are in this area tend to swell much as the years pass and the area change of tonality. This time we will see some … Read entire article »

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How to disguise dark circles

The natural shade that appear under our eyes are known as dark circles and cause of the appearance can be genetic or the result of little sleep and lots of activity. In addition to testing our advice to prevent and suppressYou can make your perfect makeup to conceal ally, changing its pitch dark for a light to provide light to your eyes. Follow these four steps to apply concealer: For lighter skin should use lighter colors such as cream or pale pink to dark skin we must choose tones within the range peach. Remember to use the concealer always on clean skin. Apply generously concealer in the deepest dark of face, to coat. Start with the area that connects the eye with the nose and stresses around the lower eyelid. With the help of … Read entire article »

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As the eye contour care

The around the eyesis a particularly sensitive area. In this area the skin is five times thinner than the rest and is subjected to a constant activity smiles, winks, etc.. Therefore, it is not surprising that this part will be more apparent effects of stress, Tiredness, lack of sleep, and of course, the passage of time. The skin around the eyes is extremely thin, It hydrolipidic film is low, so the evaporation of water is high. In addition, this area is located a high percentage of mast cells, which are the cells responsible for allergic reactions explosive, which explains the frequency of reactions or intolerance in the eye area. The consequence of these factors is the early appearance of wrinkles and expression lines with the addition of bags and dark circles which claim the … Read entire article »

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How to cover dark circles

It is a truth that there is no perfect skin, so all the girls have to resort to makeup to achieve that perfect skin look. Especially, we try to hide the terrible dark circles , a kind of shadow that lies under the lower eyelid and makes us look tired. This may have a genetic or be caused by fatigue, poor diet, and excess cigarettes or alcohol, but the worst of them is that they can take shades of green, blue, or black, making it even harder to meet them. But do not worry, fortunately cosmetic science has created several products that help us to prevent dark circles and conceal them when they have already appeared. But we make it clear that even though we applied in the use of creams … Read entire article »

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How to camouflage dark circles and bags under your eyes?

Meanwhile it is good practice to always use, Especially – after 25 years of age – a good eye cream nourishes and That Prevents the formation of unsightly dehydration lines (wrinkles). I suggest a good skin-care cream for the night alongside a good eye contour cream, says Maxine. A very effective cream for the eye area is Mac Fast Response Eye That Is Initially created for the backstage of fashion shows fashion. It is based on caffeine – it Stimulates the natural drainage Eyelid (upper and lower) – Additions to easing in the dark color dell’occhiaia morning. You can use it day or night, But just before going to a meeting important to ‘awaken’ eyes, Particularly at the last moment tired and … Read entire article »

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Special care for the eye area

In order to have a look sexy and young need to take care of the skin around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile, which requires constant care and close. If you do not want to look ten years betray those who have sleep at least eight hours a day and uses a special cream for the eye contour. Spread the cream for the eye contour soft touches with fingertips to facilitate the absorption and work the muscles in the area. S.O.S. dark circles and puffiness: If the fatigue is reflected in your eyes, cook and chill a couple of bags of chamomile and Clip it on the eyes. Another very useful solution is the cool gel eye masks. In both cases, takes … Read entire article »

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How to correct the defects in our face

When we look in the mirror does not always like what we see, we feel that our skin is a disaster. Annoys us that the shape of the eyes are too small or do not say anything, along with some dark circles by the stress of the day. Do not despair, everything has a solution for all your concerns and flaws that you are enjoying it. Here are some suggestions to correct these defects so annoying. A common problem is dark circles that can be disguised using a liquid or cream makeup a shade or two lighter than the rest of the face. … Read entire article »

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Beauty recipes to combat dark circles and eye bags

There are several factors that may contribute to the formation of dark circles and bags under the eyes and which must be combated. 1. Take little water  is  necessary to take at least 8 glasses of water. 2. If using a cosmetic product in the eyes like eyeliner, shadow, concealer, etc.  Can any of them is causing an allergy that causes eye bags.  For this reason, change the product or delete it. 3. Not getting enough sleep also can cause you to have eye bags.  For this reason, it is recommended 8 hours sleep minimum. In this sense, there are also natural beauty home remedies that can help reduce the annoying dark circles and bags under the eyes as follows. … Read entire article »

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