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The benefits of facial massage

A certain age men and women began to worry about taking care of our skin and seek various means to retain their elasticity and prevent the emergence of the dreaded wrinkles. Among the most used are those offers cosmetics such as anti-wrinkle creams, sunscreens, the serums and every innovation that this industry presents. But sometimes we forget that there are simple alternatives to counter over the years including the facial massages are well placed to offer guaranteed results: With a good massage can raise eyebrows and corners of the lips and reduce the appearance of fatigue. The massage activates the circulation area of the face and stimulate cell renewal They help to relax resulting in a good rest. To begin to implement them should only take a few minutes a day, preferably at night before bed. As in all … Read entire article »

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Facial Massage: How to Apply the cream on face and neck

A certain age most women we care about have at least one beauty treatment of any brand recognized for its quality and its supposed “efficiency”. But it often happens that despite applying more than once a day for several weeks, we saw results and begin to doubt the supposed “wonder”. If we are sure to have invested in the right treatment for your skin type there is no reason not to be, what may be happening is that our skin has not taken advantage of, what usually happens when you do not apply it correctly. The best way to get the most out of our facials are some steps that will help us that they can act effectively. For a treatment to take effect we must learn to make facial massage, it does not take an expert, it … Read entire article »

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How does facial photorejuvenation

The skin of each person is so different from the others such as fingerprints. As well as considering factors such as color and age, we must also consider that there are injuries suffered and their own healing process. Ideally, practice a treatment to help restore the parties concerned and comprehensive balance of the dermis. And that’s exactly what the facial photorejuvenation , which significantly reduces the blemishes of the face and provides a uniform texture and tone. The technique uses emission of intense pulsed light (hence also called so), that having a wide color spectrum and intensity are better absorbed by the tissues and can more easily regulate the appearance of the skin. In applications can modulate the spectral color, the duration of the pulses, usually short-and degree of heat from the light. … Read entire article »

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How to have a fresh new face from home

Women always tend to relaxation at least once a week. Give us a break from the world, sit, read a book or watching a good movie, and being quiet is what you crave most during the week. Our skin is also worth a relaxation session for cleaning of grease and impurities found in the environment. With a clean skin will feel completely fresh. Our face is one of the parts of our body more suffer the impact of daily stress and smog. That is why I recommend you follow the steps in this session of relaxation at home facial, Super easy to do. What you should do first is clean your face well. For this you should not use a soap, it does not clean as we want. It uses a special soap … Read entire article »

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What we need to consider before making a facial

All faces, Which appears to be even more careful, have certain imperfections that, thank God and cosmetics, are candidates for removal. In most cases, only a matter of making a suitable facial taking into account the characteristics of our skin. As in facial cleansing is performed a complete exfoliation or elimination of dead cells of facial skin, it is normal this is irritation after treatment, especially in people who have a sensitive skin. Some signs of “sensitivity facial” are, for example, the accumulation of acne, age spots and a very clear skin type. If we want to clean face to go to some compromise, it is advisable to do a minimum of two days prior to the initial irritation go giving. It is also advisable to avoid contact sun to keep our … Read entire article »

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Trick facial for dry skin

Do you want a beautiful skin ? Many of us worry too much about a skin care, fresh and soft , especially on our face. Typically, the skin of our face renewed every 27 days to form new skin and remove dead skin cells aging. However, if you tend to have a dry skin , this makes the production of collagen is not sufficient. Many times there are factors that we perceive or not important. Like, for example, the use of our makeup . We use too much, or powders or foundations we lay it all they do is dry your skin more. To reduce these effects, we should try to choose water-based makeup, cream or contain moisturizers. Another factor is the use of soap , that with which we wash our hands … Read entire article »

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How to avoid problems caused by the pigmentation

Tired of dicoloration spots dark on your skin? I am more than sure it will, especially in summer, as we do not protect our skin and then have to suffer the consequences. The skin care is not something one day, but in the long term, with perseverance and a routine daily beauty. You take care of your skin all year round, plus the face and neck they are always vulnerable to solar radiation. Another time he spoke of the pigmentation in the skin and how it can affect this has layers. The pigmentation is present in all people, the difference is that not all the same, that is why not everyone has the same tone of skin. This is given by the number of melanin that our skin produces even more if … Read entire article »

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Tips for a beautiful face

One of the things that we care for women is our face. Because in this you may notice over time as we start to appear wrinkles, blemishes and more. That’s why we need to take special care in this, it is extremely delicate. Surely many of us have more than one Face Cream on our bedside table, we apply devoutly on the skin of our face to moisturize, remove spots or eliminate wrinkles. As you’ll apply these creams, you should be evaluating how you improve your skin. But you know something, the best secret to a pretty face is not so much on chemicals, but also in the nature and healthy living. This is why you should consider the following points that will not cost you much further, it’s just getting used … Read entire article »

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Salicylic acid peel to remove stains

The relentless sun and its path to make our skin spots and freckles who barely managed to hide with creams and makeup. In some cases these are usually so marked that we need more than a whitening cream so we resorted to facial peeling. However, there is variety in these treatments, highlighting the salicylic acid peel for its effect on oily skin and for treating stains and fingerprints caused by acne. This is because this substance is dissolved in fat, achieving its mission to remove dead cells without damaging the skin. Also this substance is so soft that it can be used in lower concentrations in sensitive skin to achieve the same effect. For this reason we can make this peeling at home without paying any penalty and the same substance at … Read entire article »

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Tips to give a slimming look to the face

While all possess a beauty particular (yes, even you who do not believe her), there are always little details of our outward appearance that we want to see us develop more regal and more fans than ever. Since our face is largely determinant romantic first impressions, which are one of the most feature-we must try to make their factions commensurate with each other, starting with the shape of the facial contour. Often one of our major attractions may lie in what we call a “pretty face“(Eye! That this is not incompatible with being intelligent or less), but effects of the extra pounds our chin and face in general lost its former fineness until we recover facial exercise-fitness-through and / or dose of strategic makeup. If it is cosmetic allies on issues of the … Read entire article »

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