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How to get better when we exercise?

When we think of ourselves as the first idea that comes to mind is exercise, And we are not wrong, but the good results from physical stress we will do depends on other factors. To help your sport sessions make you look spectacular, keep in mind these helpful tips: First, before you go on a diet and start exercising, consult a specialist to evaluate your overall health. To begin your exercise routine need warm up the muscles between five and fifteen minutes. It is also very important to rest between each set for five minutes. Drink water before, during and after exercise in small doses. If possible all day up to two liters, do not wait until thirsty to do, and avoid dehydration, and you favor the elimination of toxins. The feed is very … Read entire article »

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Tips for healthy living

There are three main factors to enjoy good health, these are: food, exercise and genes that we inherited from our ancestors. In order to help you lead a healthy life on this occasion we present some feeding advice That we are sure you will be of great help in maintaining your health and consequently enjoy a happier life. Takes at least one orange juice a day, so you will contribute to increase the amount of iron in your body. Sprinkle cinnamon in the coffee, Pour 1/2 teaspoon in this drink once a day and you can maintain low cholesterol levels and establish blood sugar, say U.S. scientists. Changes brown white, Know that the bread has 4 times more fiber, 3 times more zinc and nearly 2 more iron than white bread. By eating … Read entire article »

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How to exercise your body over the weekend

Ideally, practice any exercise put in the form our body, at least three times a week, that all we know. But there are situations that often can not meet that routine because of the many tasks we perform every day and only have the to week for ejercitarnnos. Thinking of those having a heavy schedule from Monday to Friday, We present these simple and fun exercises to implement the weekends, those two only days you can spend on your beauty and body health. The “Implements” that you have to do your routine are as simple as a game of cards or letters, a hula, A jump rope, you MP3 and of course dressed with super comfortable clothes that allows you to perform all movements without difficulty. Ready? then get to work! By way … Read entire article »

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What are holistic therapies

When we analyzed our health disclaim usually what happens to our body mind and emotions. For example, if amanecemos with backachewe attribute to poor posture when sleeping or stomach hurts us is because we hurt some food, etc.. This is because we are already accustomed to it that indicates the traditional medicine, which treats the organs of our body independently separated from each other, so you do not pay attention in other alternatives attempting to see it working in sync. Among the alternatives to traditional medicine are holistic therapies and healing, called complementary therapies, in which it seeks to help unlock stagnant energy and mobilizeBecause in this type of treatment is treating the patient holistically, examining whether the problem has emotional origin, mental or physical, Leading to the theory that many diseases … Read entire article »

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Do you have dark circles

They say the eyes are the mirrors of the soul. But the surrounding areas also show what happens inside us. At least the circles themselves are the clearest (really dark) signal that something is wrong with our health. Yes, dark circles, those bags black or green that form under the eyes and make them look like those of amphibians, are acne-after-the second problem affecting the most common face. While there are several on the market “solutions“To help conceal his worn look (And makes us see at least ten years of age we have), it is best to get your causes to know the best way to treat them without qualification that only camouflage. Typically, the dark circles are caused by fatigueAs not having enough sleep, the skin becomes pale and veins noticeable through … Read entire article »

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The benefits of water exercises to practice

If we want to keep fit and our health care, We have to make exercise a habit of life. But the monotony tired, perhaps because time to consider a change and let the machines at the gym or aerobics, and what better choice than you present on this occasion: water exercises, also known as water aerobics or aqua aerobics. This sport is one of the most practiced lately because of its many advantages, Including: dive into a swimming pool gives you a safe environment that does not impact joints and reduces the risk of injury, allowing that confidence high intensity exercise with no fear to hit, losing balance or falling, as ground. Another advantage is that it stimulates both cardiovascular training such as strength, because the water is 800 times denser than … Read entire article »

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Tips to enhance your beauty at all times

We always thought that to devote to our beauty care and health we need a very special time. But what happens when we do not have enough time due to various activities that we meet every day? Perhaps this is reason enough not to? If that’s the case, in this post we will show that investing just a few minutes of your time you’ll get the best results in your physical beauty as your health: We heard it is better to wear a good skin care than good makeup and this is very true. Therefore, before going to train or do some exercise, you should wash your face and a layer of makeup can trap sweat and oils produced in the pores during exercise, obstructing them. Desmaquíllate with an exfoliating cleanser, and … Read entire article »

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Procedures for extracting moles

Although many consider a sexy attribute to other people, especially women, but Enrique Iglesias is the exception to the rule- moles can become a source of discomfort and complex. To the point they want to remove them from your life once and for all. Moreover, it also happens that some of these “dark freckles”-indeed, clusters of pigmented cells that take the form of spots on the skin-can be harmful to health. It is therefore necessary to differentiate between typical moles, usually black or brown color and are raised above the skin, and abnormal or malignant. With irregular edges and color, which are precancerous (may develop into melanomas). Whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, there are several ways to remove moles. The easiest way is through the application of creams and pastes, most … Read entire article »

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Caring for your eyes

The attractiveness of the face of every woman look and starts to look around Impact eyes not only need to apply fashion makeup. We start with the health of this important sense. Responsible for us to delight in the wonders of nature. That is why we detail below some of the tips provided by ophthalmologists of prestige for the care of your eyes: Work at a distance of about 50 inches from the monitor computer and avoid light reflection on the screen. Make brief breaks every two hours that should blink several times in a row and look at different distances (near, middle and far). You must keep the eye well hydrated and lubricated, Especially when working with computers. For this we need to get used to using single-dose artificial tears without preservatives. Go to the … Read entire article »

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Foods that make you more beautiful

It is clear that the creams and makeup to look prettier help, but the beauty. As well as the overall health of our body, comes mainly from what we eat. For each part of our body is the skin, hair and nails, there food that allow us to enhance their beauty and combat common problems. The avocado is a fruit of delicious flavor that can mix in sandwiches, salads or to dip again if we combine it with yogurt. Cool for this season and very rich in minerals, as well as fat good they are excellent for your Skin regains its luster. If there is extra half an avocado at the end of the meal, save for a mask, excellent for moisturizing your face. The fish, so delicious if you go to the … Read entire article »

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