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Pros and cons of permanent makeup

There are many women who can not go out without paint the eyebrows and outline their eyes and lips. For them permanent makeup on these areas can be very helpful as it not only saves time but also offers the possibility of being regal 24 hours a day. In addition, permanent makeup can cover imperfections like scars. This treatment consists of a coloring of the dermis in certain points, its application is painless and the results last approximately a year and a half. If after reading this you’re encouraging your face color permanently, we recommend that before making a decision you check some pros and cons of this type of makeup: Pros: With permanent makeup you will look long maquilada. You can give your eyebrows the way you want. Permanent eyeliner eyes helps to enhance the look and … Read entire article »

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How eye makeup like a pro

The eyes are the windows of the soul. Externalize our emotions and feelings in a very clear and so discover sorrows, worries, joys and seduction. The basic tools we need to make up our eyes are the mascara , shadows and eyeliner eyes.Sometimes it is advisable to use foundation or concealer under the eyes to correct the bags and dark circles. Depending on the hues you wish to use we can dare to be creative and combine different colors.For a look dimensional integrates two shadow colors or color powder shadow powder over a cream shadow base. It is important to consider that with cream shadows “less is better.” When selecting mascara must consider the different types: volumizing, lengthening eyelashes, color, which is waterproof, to take effect curler. Each product offers a special feature, so you must choose the kind that has what your lashes need. In general it … Read entire article »

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What kind of makeup to use for oily skin

We are many women who have to struggle every day with the shiny appearance and large pores having oily skin. But having oily skin is not as bad as it seems, compared to people with dry skin, oily skin to enjoy the benefit of seeing the signs of aging retarded. The dilemma occurs when an oily skin and makeup that makes the makeup oiliness tends to last less than what we want. To achieve the proper effect easier, we teach you to choose the right makeup. What to avoid: Products containing oil. For logic products containing oil will only increase the brightness of the skin. Makeup that contains alcohol. Contrary to oil products, those containing alcohol tend to remove the oil from your skin, causing it to just produce more oil. Ingredients like bismuth oxychloride and dimethicone. These ingredients can cause pigmentation … Read entire article »

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Makeup when you go to take photos

The flash of cameras is our worst enemy when we need to take photos. Face defects are usually not seen with natural light are emphasized by the white light of flash and therefore need to apply makeup that will benefit us in front of the camera. Many people have to deal with acne marks, acne, sun spots, enlarged pores and other imperfections on the face. Therefore, when applying makeup, the first to use must be a liquid foundation that matches the hue of our skin. You need to apply liquid foundation evenly to entire face and neck to avoid differences in tones. With the help of a spell we will cover dark circles and bags under disimularemos eyes. Thecorrection is applied in delicate touches with a finger, avoid rubbing those delicate areas around the eyes. For photos passport is necessary … Read entire article »

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Makeup for green eyes

I always say that makeup is an art , as knowing how to apply cosmetics and how to combine colors in the face, requires a special skill we do not want that as a result we face painted like a clown. However, makeup is not just a matter of knowing how to choose the colors, but must take into account the color of the skin, eyes, hair up. Certainly women who are light eyes should use a different makeup for which you have dark eyes. For this case, this time the tips are for those who have green eyes . The general advice to keep in mind is that the best way to cook the green eyes is contrasting with the color of your hair and skin. According to the skin tone For fair skin , green eyes very well be combined with shades … Read entire article »

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What are the basic makeup products

When we talk about makeup usually think immediately in a face painted lips and eyelids, however, women know that even the most natural look can be improved with a little help. The faces are washed well in adolescence but beyond a certain age make-up becomes an indispensable ally to hide some imperfections . In order to never go through hardships women tend to be filled with promise as a product hits the market, by creating confusion ourselves and expenses that are often unnecessary. Learn what the commodity that should never miss in your toiletry bag and runs to find them! Foundation: is the basic of the basics Why? because the foundation helps us to match our skin tone giving this wonderful finish, remember that as you want is to match the base color that we acquire must be equal to the face, a little test to make … Read entire article »

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Care that we observe with our makeup products

It happens to all, we love to have in our dressing almost the whole range of shades of lipsticks, shadows, blushes, powders, etc., and often we realize that until we have more than one product repeated. Is that the vast majority of women these articles fascinate us “necessities” . Probably happened to you that soon you will apply yourself a lipstick and you feel a strange smell, you’ve noticed, but as the tone perfectly matches the garment that you wear that day, you decide to wear it and not think about that inconvenience . Start now, check your stock of creams and makeup to know which ones are applicable and how you should definitely discard . Many, all creams and foundations, including shadows brought into the case, the expiration date, others such as lipstick, gloss , eyeliner , mascara, etc.., in most … Read entire article »

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Keys to avoid wrinkles

We all know time and again that for avoid wrinkles we should use moisturizers and protect our skin from UV rays using Sunscreens throughout the year, but there are very simple habits beyond the tips we already know and can help prevent the aging of our skin. The makeup may be the best friend of many women, it is important to choose quality products so as not to dry out the skin and make it lose tone and why not, give an occasional break in the skin, leaving our skin and ignoring the natural makeup. Sleep well is essential to have a good rest but not only that, according to experts unravel a hormone that affects the cells of our skin, which contributes to the hated lines. Rest day seven or eight … Read entire article »

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How removing make your eyes step by step

The makeup products are a double-edged sword, can be our best allies in highlighting our attributes but may become the worst enemy of our skin if you do not withdraw in time The makeup remover is essential to have a healthy skin and free of impurities but when do we have to consider that there are areas of the face more sensitive than others, this is the case of the eye area because the eyelid skin is much thinner and delicate than that of other areas. It is therefore important to use a specific product for it and follow the steps to protect and remove makeup correctly: To begin with we apply a minimum amount of makeup remover on tabs higher wrap and gently rubbing with a tissue to remove completely Mascara. Repeat … Read entire article »

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How to see us higher, thinner and prettier

We have to admit that it is very difficult to be completely happy with our physical, without this ever become an obsession, we can not deny that there are certain aspects of our body that we would like to change. To achieve this goal more than one of us want we must use every weapon at hand. These three tools necessary to not fail in the attempt are: hair, makeup and fashion . To pretend to be thinner : Play with the different possibilities of volume that offers clothing is a good solution for a slimmer silhouette appear. The key is to show wear tight clothes or the most stylish and hide the rest under loose clothing and good fall. If you have wide hips too should discard the garments at the … Read entire article »

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