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Trimming the nails by shape

All women know all too well the importance of a manicured hands and that is why we want to keep a proper look we pay special interest to our nails. In previous posts carefully described what steps we must take to fulfill ourselves a good manicure, But one in particular we should pay particular attention, one in which we cut nails to give the desired shape. It is true that often do not notice it but the length of the nails is to hand something like what a haircut can be for the face: largely defines our style and personality. And as for each type of face there is a proper cut for each type of hand there is an ideal length. If our hands are long it is likely that our nails … Read entire article »

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Homemade tricks to maintain beautiful hands

If a part of our special body may reveal more of a secret this is our hands. We know that if you neglect your hands will not cause a good impression so try to always look impeccable. But look around beautiful hands not based solely on a good manicure, One hydration adequate keep always clean is indispensable. Thinking about how to help make the task of keeping hands in perfect condition we bring home some very useful tricks and simple: If you forgot to wear gloves when washing dishes restores the pH of the skin of your hands by rinsing them with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of water and vinegar or a bit of sour milk. Are you fond of gardening but you suffer for remove the land of your nails? Before … Read entire article »

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Designs fun manicure

Although I think the settlement of hands is an essential attribute of our “sex appeal”, but sometimes do not give the importance it deserves, especially in manicure. Not that pleases me hacérmela-on the contrary, I enjoy it much, but I find the repetitive designs (or not exactly how I like) and I feel very happy to meet another girl that looks the same. To vary a bit from my endless French manicure I decided to do a search and virtual Funky Trend I found truly original options and for every taste. Share is the share below to choose your favorite or some models fit your personal style. What if stardustThis delicate manicure is the result of combining a metallic pink enamel with a silver frost clearcoat of a lighting effect that draws … Read entire article »

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Tips for a manicure in dark

Bring nails painted in dark colors, Is becoming one of the “Must” makeup for all women. Use these colors is not as easy as it sounds, as we had you in one of our earlier post, within the range of purples, browns and reds there appropriate tone for each color. In addition to this important point to consider, you should also know that to lead a impeccable manicure in dark colors, your nails must meet certain characteristics, as well an impeccable manicure with dark colors requires some tricks. Web of Beauty we give you some tips to make your hands look radiant when you wear nail polish in fashionable colors above: Keep nails short: The long dark nails are unsightly demsiado and remind us of the villains of the movies. Let stand out … Read entire article »

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Treatment for hands and feet of Garra Rufa ictioterapia

Did you past that when you make your manicure , do not go completely satisfied with what you received? The main problem with this is that our hands and feet suffer from corns , and more that there are special files and creams to soften, not entirely able to eliminate these imperfections. Often, in an effort to remove the manicure or pedicure wounds us end up worsening the situation. Not that the professional does not know what he does (though some time may occur), but our calloc are so deep that it seems impossible to try to remove them, especially in the case of the feet. Also, the hands also suffer setbacks from time to time in trying to remove the cuticles and calloc nail edge. For such very specific needs, there … Read entire article »

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Nails with unusual applications

Every time we’re going to do a manicure. It takes a few minutes to decide the color, shape and design that will adorn our hands. Flowers, leaves, the French, One color … There are many options to choose from, all depends on what you want to look and, above all, the state you are our nails. It is true that if your nails are too short you can put on artificial nails (acrylic, gel, etc), however, did you know that when you show them off to paint a unique and innovative?. Forget tradition, begins to experience the latest trends in the decoration of nails, just open your imagination and decide that you will look. In this first model belongs to a decoration Japanese cartoons a movie called Totoro. The different characters are … Read entire article »

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Home remedies for nail care

Many times we have to go to a salon for a treatment care of nails, But sometimes the time or money factor difficult to visit us. However, there are some household products you can use to care for and maintain beautiful. Often, the excessive use of enamel fingernails turn a yellowish color. For you blanched , that are regal you have to do is gently rub white vinegar with a cotton swab or soak your toenails once a week in hot water with hydrogen peroxide. You’ll notice the difference in each process. Many women suffer from fragile and delicate nails. That break before any friction or shock causing severe pain. This type of damage can occur if you have hormonal problems, vitamin deficiency or stress. To combat it, you have to do is, … Read entire article »

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Models for Halloween manicure

Date is approaching and this is the right time to start thinking in supplements for this party Halloween be a success. If you have not chosen your costume. We recommend not to wait the last day, for sure the costumes will be packed house and it will be difficult to choose the patience with which you can do these days. The evening before the main day is ideal for complete details regarding the makeup and accessories, so, now Web of Beauty we bring you a selection of makeup nail you can use together with a costume, and even if you just want to look this detail on a family holiday. Everything does seem that the spiders are one of the most wanted and best of all, there are a variety of models … Read entire article »

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As yourself a French manicure at home

We all know the importance of well-kept hands, because they are one of our strongest letters. Elegant hands speak highly of the person who takes them, while ugly nails, broken or dirty can derail all the effort that we put on our clothes and our makeup. The problem is that our fingernails grow fast and that prices in salon getting a manicure can be high, but with some tips and investing in some household products we can give our nails the attention they deserve without spending a lot of money. Twenty or thirty minutes dedicated to your nails every week and you’ll always impeccable. For this tutorial we have chosen the type of French manicure because it is relatively easy to learn and combines with all your clothes. Let’s start with the … Read entire article »

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Nail Styles for Your Holiday

The hands are going to be one of the parts of you that will play on the most Party 15, And for that reason, we must give proper care to make you feel very comfortable showing them at night. Aside from the softness that will show your hands that day, nails are the most important points of attention from them, why, we must accurately determine the type and polish style we adopt for the party. Remember that not only enough that the designs are nice, but they must combine perfectly with the rest of your rigMainly with the color of your dress, tiara. Shoes or other accessories to your outfit. Also, everything must harmonized with the makeup you use, Which is why you should be extremely detailed when it comes to starting your … Read entire article »

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