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Home remedies to exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is achieved by cleaning the epidermis or outer layer of the skin, removing dead cells. Applied through massage this treatment helps effective stimulation and circulation of lymph fluids that contribute to the elimination of toxins, improving blood circulation too. In order to let you know that is peeling and what are its benefits, we show you some homemade recipes very simple and effective: Exfoliation of the face: In the case of the face, this treatment depends on the type of skin of each person. If fat is 3 times a week, mixed skin, 2 times a week and dry or sensitive skin than 1 time a week. Recipe1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon sugar (crushed) to its texture is finer. Honey has moisturizing and nourishing to help renew dead cells and sugar … Read entire article »

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Tips for removing make oily skin and combination skin

Each Skin type requires different care, From cleaning to wetting. That is why there are products on the market suitable for all skin types, with their help and some useful tips achieve a facial line with our skin. Oily Skin: We avoid Products both oil base as ingredients detergents, The former do not allow us to deep clean while the latter can be very aggressive and remove natural oils from our skin. Order to achieve a matt effect without drying it is best to choose water-based products. To do at home: mix equal parts of almond oil, rose water and lemon juice, mix well and use it as a makeup remover natural. Combination skin: We avoid tonic lotions that contain alcohol as it tends to irritate and damage the skin of our skin, read the ingredients … Read entire article »

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How to have a perfect face in 10 minutes

Many times we do not take the time necessary for the care of our skin , but enough to spend 10 minutes every three days to get fresh and vigorous wear it and for that you need the following: - Two liters of boiling water just before you start. – Gel or soap, cold cream. – Tonic Lotion. – cream or lotion eyes cleaner. – A mask according to your skin type – Cotton – Kleenex Tissues – clip hair removal – A bowl – a rubber band to remove facial hair. The first step in which we will use two minutes, cleaning the face, remove all makeup and dirt also the neck and eyes, either with soap if you often use a … Read entire article »

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Tips for removing make dry skin and normal skin

Usually the lines of beauty products we offer different treatments for skin care, depending on skin type of each, it is important that before investing in them to know what kind of skin we have in order that our choice is correct. Like the removing make oily skin or mixed we recommend that if your is dry or normal skin choose products of the same line or brand as these act more effectively on your skin because its formulation is complementary. This time we want to share with you some specific advice for the correct way of removing make your skin, whether your dry or normal skin: Dry skin: Avoid the use of Soaps or cleaning gels although because the grease formulation are epidermis undergoes further dehydration dries on contact with water, especially if … Read entire article »

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How to have a firm body

Over time, soften our tissues, our skin loses firmness and sagging occurs, which causes our body to be directed at an unstoppable down, you lose muscle tone that is what gives strength to our body. This natural process that comes with the years we can not stop, but delay and improve preventive measures. The skin elasticity is found in the dermis, which is the middle area of ​​the skin, and consists in a 75% by collagen fibers, Which is a key element of the dermis as it is the resulting feeling of firmness, and linked with the elastin fibers a molecule which is wide in the form of spring responsible for skin elasticity. Between these two elements of the skin forms a kind of natural mesh holds the first given resistance, tone … Read entire article »

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Makeup for a beach day

When it’s summer all want to be fit to look seductive swimsuits without any roll it poke out our silhouette. But to be royal to go to the beach involves not only exercise , but also preparing the skin and enhance the beauty of the face with a look inspired by the happy days of sand, sun and sea. A few days before taking sun baths in the early hours of the morning (with the respective dose of blocker ) will give the skin a bronze and couples, plus provide smoothness and elasticity . The beach makeup should be as natural as possible. Currently fashionable earth tones with textured matte , which must be applied very lightly to subtly light tan. Just put some shade on the lower lid, no eyeliner, but giving … Read entire article »

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How we care for our skin from the forty years

The skin reflects the internal state of the body, if there is a balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the skin look younger. Currently the beauty treatments are complemented by other based capsules as vitamins A, B, C or E and minerals like magnesium, selenium, chromium, they determine the spectrum of light, hydration and smoothness of the epidermis. All this we must take it into account from age 40. All we’d like to reach 40 years sporting a radiant complexion and do not reflect the passage of time, which is why we detail below which is the best treatment to achieve that purpose. From this age the skin fatigue is evident, relaxing skin tissue so the tensioning or lifting creams are the most suitable, as they stimulate the cutaneous functions. We … Read entire article »

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How to reduce the effect of pores

The combination or oily skin often have the appearance of pores, especially in the area of ​​”T” (forehead and nose), and occasionally on the cheeks. It is natural to search for a smooth skin and even, in this case the pores, affecting the image as desired. Experts say most importantly, dermatologists clean our face, Night and morning, with a Cleansing Soap which reduces the accumulation of bacteria, increasing skin oxygenation. To reducing the dimension of the pores recommended the daily use of a tonic made from hydroxyacids. Excess fat is removed, exfoliating twice a week, with a coarse grain product, which penetrate the pores of a comprehensive, purifying them. To control the production of fat, use a clay mask white (Sold in health food shops), every three or four days, leave on for … Read entire article »

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The changes in your skin during the day

For none of us is news to know that  the skin of our face does not look like the end of the day in the morning, ie 24 hours, it undergoes various changes and it is proven that although we get up in a bad mood, it is at this time when our skin is in better condition. Our skin has looked better in the early hours of the morning because while she slept autorepara and expels all the impurities accumulated during the day since has been free of tensions, makeup, air pollution and weather. Another notable change we experience are the eyelids swollen or abofados as a result of fluid accumulation in the tissues of that area, but it disappears with the passing of the hours, when fluids are … Read entire article »

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What care should have your face all year round?

Our skin reacts differently every day, because of their own cell renewal, The hormonal changes and the room temperature. To make our skin look radiant during these stages, we must submit to a beauty plan that works for life. That is why this time we share with you some advice from dermatologists and specialists in beauty. In addition to daily and monthly changes, our skin also responds to other elements: the seasons and environmental changes. During these stages, our skin becomes dry, oily or prone to outbreaks, and all this happens in an annual cycle. Hence in each one of the stations need a special beauty treatment: Spring: The ideal time for the skin to rest from the heat and intense cold in which the skin benefits. However, we need help with … Read entire article »

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