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Tips to hydrate during the summer

One of the greatest desires of those who like each of summer is to showcase our skin enviably golden. And that sun exposure is the appropriate dose of sunblock and sunscreen, which does not prevent the heat emitted infrared rays make us sweat the “sweat bullets”. The summer is when most dehydrates the body and the effects are seen in a skin despite your cute tan product has scales of dry. In addition, changes in its structure caused by ultraviolet rays decreases production collagen, A substance needed to provide elasticity to the dermis (in other words, subtracting our defense against aging). Our immediate prevention goes through at least two liters of drinking water per day and sports drinks if we practice a sport. Also, have a diet rich in vitamins A, C … Read entire article »

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How to protect yourself from the sun

If you are planning your next summer vacation or are thinking of them forward now that the good weather, you’ve probably already started thinking about the clothes you will wear in your suitcase and, of course, in your vanity case with all required cosmetics to look good in that period of relaxation. Each location (field, mountain, beach, city, etc.) requires a different care for protergerte the harmful effects of sunlight, which is why we want to share with you this list of care, according to the place you’ve chosen to spend your spring break or summer: The beach : Do not forget to wear sunscreen at least 30, which you should aplicártela half hour before sun exposure and repeat every two hours. If you practice any water sport , remember that water … Read entire article »

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How to prevent swelling in summer

During the summer , especially on hot days, we can not avoid feeling bloated and heavy sensanción. Although summer is the most awaited season of the year, the sun may bring some complications other than burns. You might be surprised to know that this swelling is not only due to rising temperatures, other factors that can prevent yourself by following these tips: Moderated by salt intake , this habit should go with for life, but more so in the days of summer. Abuse them just cause you retain fluid with the result of seeing and feeling swollen your legs, feet and abdomen. Use herbs and spices to flavor your food. Avoid foods that cause flatulence : Beans, broccoli, cauliflower and artichoke, among others. Usually when consumed, your belly will grow momentarily. Now you can … Read entire article »

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Table water aerobics exercises

If you like the summer, enjoy the sun, sea and pool and can not find time to do your daily routine of physical exercises, take advantage of the benefits of water for aquagym.This sport will help to proper functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic system, While tone up and mold them your figure. Here we detail a table exercises aquagym, You can do at any time at the beach or pool in your city or if you’re on vacation: Heating: Hold the edge of the pool or a table or mat, with the prone body, arms and legs straight, move your feet like swimming freestyle. Makes 30 to 50 repetitions, rest and repeat twice more. Side leg lifts: Standing with feet together and hold on to edge the pool, mat or table (at … Read entire article »

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Tips to look legs of impact

We all know that the dream of getting a slender legs, Shapely, firm and smooth, is not an easy target that requires dedication and effort. Achieving this depends on the consistency and follow these useful and practical advice notes: A exfoliation routine will guarantee a free lower extremities and ridges encrusted hair. Once a week you massage them with the help of a horsehair glove, stressing the knee area. After showering apply a cream rich in vitamin E, Which favors the recovery of collagen in the skin. In summer When outside temperatures rise, makes a soothing massage at the end of the day applying yourself a cold effect gel containing menthol and eucalyptus. This will help combat swelling and heaviness and tired legs caused by the heat. Walk daily To help define the … Read entire article »

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Preventing and enjoy the summer sunshine

Now that the season came summer. Nothing better to know some tips and rules for properly care for our feetl, especially since we must be aware that this season is when most went out to enjoy the sun on the beach, pool or going for a walk. The heatstroke or insolation is the most serious consequence of excess heat and one of the most pernicious consequences for health, and is considered a danger to life. This is the result of a very long, extreme exposure to sun, in which the person does not sweat enough to make your body temperature subsides. People who work outdoors and those taking certain types of medications diuretics, Diabetes drugs, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antidepressants, are more likely to suffer from heat stroke because they facilitate sunburn … Read entire article »

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Flat tummy for the holidays

The summer is felt in the air. The temperatures have started to rise and Easter is just around the calendar. With the demise of the cold, come back to the concerns of men and women for future implementation swimsuit, All want to look good and one of the main problems is the bulging tummy it is difficult to remove and can give each year. The first thing you should know is that there is no magic recipe. Do not buy any device that promises to reduce the abdomen with only 10 minutes a day, for surely you are being scammed. The only solution to lower belly is dietary care and focus on exercise, even a little. Take care of your intestine. The intestinal flora consists of millions of “good” bacteria that live … Read entire article »

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I see younger in just one month

Achieve take away some years is a constant concern, a goal that knows no rest. With the arrival of summer we want to look even more beautiful and radiant. There are some body parts like lips, legs or teeth, which can betray our age. Fortunately, there are treatments to help revive these areas and winning youth. The lips are a party of more absorbing face time. With age they lose their volume and definition. To purchase a cream fix dedicated to them with your cosmetologist or search a treatment to return firmness. The teeth are also an indicator of age and a way to recover your smile is to ask the dentist to make you a whitewash. By illuminating your teeth, your face back to life. The hair looks more beautiful when just returned … Read entire article »

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How to create a look inspired by the summer

One of the latest publications online magazine Vogue invites us to live a pleasant summer experience, which is to keep a inspired look in this very important element of nature that is the sea. The variety of changes in your appearance can make using as concerning the warmer season the year are many and today, Web of Beauty, you count all the data to begin to create it now. The waves in your hair. One of the first proposals for this season is different, is to make your hair has movement and always look radiant. To this end, the waves in your hair will be as recommended. Versace mimic the effect suggests that the seawater is about all women. Color of the sea on your eyes. Red lips and a deep blue sky eye, is … Read entire article »

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The benefits of the sea in the beauty and health

With the arrival of summer sunshine and the beach. Get a nice, healthy tan , and relax, are not the only benefits we get from the days beside the sea. This gift of nature is also very useful for our health and beauty . Being rich in minerals, potassium, sodium, calcium, etc.., A dip in the sea has many benefits for the body. Active circulation : when the water produces a pressure difference from the bottom (where the feet) to the surface (head and heart), which promotes venous return and activates the blood circulation. Therefore, the sea is recommended to improve varicose veins, poor circulation, hemorrhoids, etc.. In addition, the massage effect exerted by the grains of sand to walk barefoot on them produces a massaging action, while the feet exfoliates , … Read entire article »

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