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How have your teeth healthy heart care

Recent studies have suggested a link between poor dental hygiene and heart disease . From these studies, it is believed that the bacteria that cause mouth inflammation or infection can reach the heart through the bloodstream. Other studies have also linked gum disease with heart disease and risk of coronary arteries, thickening of the carotid and other cardiovascular diseases. In this note we present 5 ways to make your teeth contribute to the health of your heart: Wash the teeth at least 2 times a day. Use toothpaste with fluoride and change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. Use dental floss to keep your gums healthy. Make a visit to the dentist regularly to make you a thorough dental cleaning. Stopping smoking reduces the risk of heart disease, prevent gum disease and cancer. Controls the growth of bacteria in your body. If you are taking … Read entire article »

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Basic care to maintain healthy teeth and gums

Regularly attend a dental appointment is important to maintain our oral health, The same way that looking at a perfect daily cleaning. If we want the cavities and periodontal problemsThe main enemies of the health of our teeth, do not affect our health and to always look radiant smile, we follow the advice of professionals in dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Better a good brushing without toothpaste, a good toothpaste with a bad brush, which is why we must first choose the best toothbrush that offers the market. There are the round, which helps remove plaque from the gums, others polishing agents to remove stains, ionic, creating a negative field that attracts plaque, the vibratory motion, which enhance the cleaning action, and so on. Know what the perfect brushing: We spend time: Brush your … Read entire article »

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How have white teeth

A white smile and well maintained always shocking. White teeth light up the face and not wear makeup and they look healthy and nice to your face. Obviously necessary to take care go to the dentist for cleanings and check-ups where you can also ask the bleach. At the same time, there are foods in our daily diet can stain teeth and remove its glow. Meet them and minimize your intake if you want to look this summer your best smile. The Coffee is the first enemy. I know, is a delicious drink and is the best remedy for fatigue in the morning, but it is also one of the leading opponents of white teeth. If you can not spend your favorite liquid seeks to rinse your mouth after your dose of caffeine, … Read entire article »

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Tips for whitening teeth at home

Achieve and maintain your white teeth after a costly dental treatment is arduous and difficult task for some and easy for others. For some it is easy for the amount of tricks that are homemade and you can use at home. While for others, it is the ban on consumption of certain foods such as soft drinks, candy, chocolate, coffee and tea, among others, or to reduce their consumption to a minimum. Those who have dreamed of professional whitening, you should know that can be very expensive, hence we leave home new tricks you can use in the privacy of the home must take into account certain details so that you know how slow the process your case. Each person has a different type of enamel, which is why some people have naturally … Read entire article »

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The techniques of teeth whitening

Dreaming of a star smile, but you do not dare open his mouth, complexed by the color of your teeth? Effective whitening techniques can help you. AuFeminin gives you all the information you need before making your choice. Principle of Teeth Whitening The teeth often change gradually color over time or according to our way of life. For display a bright smile and white, there are several techniques. The Teeth Whitening (Or lightening teeth) can be done at the dentist or at home. In two cases, it is clear the coloration of enamel and dentin using a lightening agent in the form of gel based on hydrogen peroxide (or water peroxide) or powder. The lightening agent used may be more or less concentrate according to the degree of bleaching desired. The latter can also … Read entire article »

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Bleaching of teeth

Beautiful white, gleaming teeth are sometimes evidence of youthfulness and beauty. But what happens when yellow and white are made from yellow-brown, unsightly deposits? In many people, then the alarm bell rings shrilly at the latest.Considerations lead into temptation. The temptation is called Bleach (bleach) and promises to be a white, white is no longer there. Blinded by the idea preaching to the converted, which would have been better sealed. But what are the everyday person is under bleaching of, anyway? Gentle treatment with bright-white output? Far from it! The first treatment actually convinced and stimulating. Once home, the teeth radiate towards the beloved. But the next day may, can, we may perhaps reckon with mild side effects. Suddenly no longer tastes the bread, because the bleaching increases the sensitivity of the teeth. One must imagine that in some way: A coarse sandpaper … Read entire article »

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How to look younger

How to have a look fresh, young and pleasant when the years begin to build on each other now and you do not want to resign? Brava! Do not resign, and even try your best to counter them by maintaining a youthful look. Inside and out. Here’s how. Twelve tips, twelve, to appear (even) younger than you are already. Choose the ones that inspire you most and keep the other for the next time you get the urge to change something in your look. What would you say to start with, a ‘whitening’ of teeth? White teeth and kept giving the feeling of youth and clean. Ask your dentist, there are very effective and low-risk to the health of teeth. … And a new haircut? But not short! If you want to … Read entire article »

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